Whole Life Challenge January 20-March2

15 Jan Whole Life Challenge January 20-March2

Just for a minute consider something… Consider how you want to feel when you wake up each morning.

If you were at the very top of your health and well-being, what would you feel like? What would your family members and friends say about you? How much energy would you have?

So fast-forward and paint yourself a picture: What does this look like? How do you feel? What habits do you have in place?

That’s what the Whole Life Challenge will help you with. While nothing can do the work for you (and if anything or anyone does make this promise… RUN… they are promising something that cannot be delivered!!), the Whole Life Challenge lays it out in a motivating and fun way. Start by joining Team Fuel Awesome and make a commitment to replace a few bad habits with good habits. You can learn more about it here.

For six weeks, starting on January 20th through until March 2nd, we’ll work on all the areas of our well-being—like nutrition, mobility, and exercise, for starters.

The Whole Life Challenge is basically a game that challenges us to “try on” a whole life of health and fitness for six weeks. Individually, you can gain or lose points in various areas of health and well-being. The goal isn’t perfection, the goal is sustainable change for the long term.

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbicemIo-Sk This is an old one from when the challenge was 8-weeks long, but most of the concepts still apply.

Click here to join team Fuel Awesome: http://www.whole.lc/wlc1801/pt/fuelawesome


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