One on One

Personalized nutrition, functional fitness, and wellness coaching program

“I love it when people find their groove… when they have a personal ‘ah-ha’ moment  that allows them to live more comfortably in their body. I believe movement and nutrition are the foundation to optimal health and longevity.”

Personalized Nutrition plans

Are you curious about what fuels you? Explore working with Lindsey through your nutrition goals to address concerns around personal health and well-being.

Initial consult (30mins) – Free

Personalized nutrition package – $250

This includes 2 x 60 minute appointments; full nutritional assessment and customized plan with key foods, supplements, and lifestyle recommendations. Includes a sample meal plan and weekly support for 6 weeks.

7-day meal plan – $115

Meal plan to provide you with some new, healthy meal ideas to act as a guideline into the habit of preparing and eating wholesome foods throughout each day. Customized based on certain nutritional goals.

Follow-up sessions (45mins) – $80

Follow-ups for continued support and accountability and for any adjustments that need to be made to your plan.

Wellness Series – $365

Holistic approach to health through personalized nutrition and strength and movement training. Includes initial nutritional assessment evaluating body systems to identify areas needing support as well as initial fitness assessment to discuss overall wellness goals. A customized plan is the written including a sample 5-day meal plan and four week fitness program based on your needs and goals. Unlimited email support and 4 week follow up session to review nutrition and fitness plans and address any required modifications for continued success.

Functional Fitness

Lindsey specializes in mindful strength and natural movement. Unlike your typical “gym routine”, Lindsey will work with you to find creative and fun ways to move your body while developing holistic strength. Work one on one to discuss your goals and determine the best plan of action toward total body health.

(see also courses and workshops for specific events)

Personal Training Sessions:

  • 1 session: $115/hr
  • 5 sessions: $475 for 60min sessions
  • 10 sessions: $850 for 60 min sessions

Add an extra person with similar goals for $15/hour session Rates for 45min sessions start at $80/45mins (package rates available)

Specialized Fitness Plans:

Do you have a specific goal that you are working toward and would like a little help? Maybe it’s a bike race, or a backpacking trip… whatever your goal, I can create a plan for you! I can create a specialized focused fitness programs in a 4-6 week periodized plans that you can take away and work through on your own. I will get you set up with videos and a specific plan tailored to your needs. Together we will create goals and a weekly plan to get you to where you want to be. This can be done in person or online! We can add in specific nutrition goals to this program too to help you with a holistic plan on your path to wellness!

If you can’t find anything here that suits your needs or your budget, please reach out and we can find something that works!