No time like the present


01 Mar No time like the present

“The best way to get something started is to begin”- author unknown

Often times, I find the hardest part of exercising is lacing up my shoes and getting out the door; the yoga practice most needed is the one that I feel I do not have the time for; my biggest regrets are the opportunities not seized. Yet, procrastination finds comfort in the busy-ness of life and goals are placed on hold while life keeps on rolling. At some point you just have to say “GET ON WITH IT!”

My goal: Start awesome blog to share with people the passion, vision, and dreams upon which Tasty Living is built and continues to thrive.

What does this look like? To be honest, I have no idea! This is exactly what was holding me back! What I do know is, like the food I prepare, this blog promises to be real and “fuel” you in some manner. Like life, this blog promises to change and evolve. And, in the true spirit of Tasty Living, my hope is that it inspires you to “Eat Well & Be Awesome” in your own way!

No time like the present! Here goes…

I hope you’ll join me


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