Meet Lindsey

B.Sc(Kinesiology), B.Ed, M.A. Leadership, Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant, eRYT-500 Yoga teacher, functional movement junkie, and osteopathy student


Living in the Canadian Rockies, I am inspired by the mountains and rivers to move, play, and live in alignment with my natural surroundings. I love to dabble in the kitchen making healthy meals and snacks for my family and friends. The human body blows me away in it’s capacity to learn, adapt, and grow given the right “fuel” sources. Literally what powers me is not only the food I eat, but also how I move and feed my nerves, muscles, and joints with playful movements. I love theory and science, just as much as I love letting go and riding the waves of intuition. I believe living sustainably means taking care of our body and our planet. I pull this philosophy into all that I do…

Professional Bio

B.Sc.(Kinesiology), B.Ed, M.A. Leadership, C.H.N.C, eRYT-500, FIS, PTS, osteopath student

Founder of Fuel Awesome and Wilderness Yoga School, Lindsey Williams is passionate about the human body and discovering how to fuel it optimally through movement and nutrition. With over 20 years experience and continuous study as a yoga teacher, movement educator, outdoor guide, and entrepreneur, Lindsey teaches the importance of building a sustainable relationship with one’s body and the planet.
Her fine attention to detail and calm present energy empowers students to become curious about their body and discovering their own unique potential. Lindsey is inspired by the wilderness and seeks to activate understanding, awareness and resiliency through physical and spiritual alignment with the natural environment.

Tasty Living

“What you put into your body creates the foundation for everything that you do. Eat Well. Be Awesome!”


Tasty Living began as an organic raw food company based out of my home in the beautiful Canadian Rockies.

Inspired by a need to create healthy alternatives in the marketplace, I (Lindsey Williams) created a line of whole food crackers, chips, energy bites and oh-so delicious energy bars. These snacks and bars fuelled many amazing adventures for avid health enthusiasts who stumbled upon my Tasty Living treats in and around the Bow Valley and Calgary area.
Like many with very idealistic dreams and a passion to create change, I felt overwhelmed by some of the obstacles facing small food manufacturers. Unwilling to compromise on my integrity, I decided to take a closer look at the true vision and mission of Tasty Living.
As with many young women it seems, I grew up with a bit of a negative relationship with food. Never did I see it as something to fuel my athletic passions, but rather as something that needed to be controlled and even vilified!

The day that I became a mother, I made a commitment to end this negative relationship and foster a love for how we fuel ourselves.

I truly want to inspire individuals to be mindful of how they feed their bodies. I believe that what you put into your mouth creates the foundation for everything that you do…
Dried fruits and nuts

If you want to create change, if you want a sustainable planet, if you want to push your limits physically, mentally or emotionally…

All these things begin with what food choices you make.

I decided that making ready-made snacks was not the route to this ultimate goal. That making food for people does not in fact mean that they are making better choices. At the heart of the change that is required is greater education. So in this next iteration of Tasty Living, this will be your source for healthy eating tips, active lifestyle inspirations, and ways to live more aligned and sustainably on our planet.

Wilderness Yoga School

Reconnect and align with nature in this experiential teacher training program.

Wilderness Yoga School was built on the foundation belief that being in nature connects one with their inner being on a level like no other.

Training Dates:

2019 dates: April 4-8, May 2-6, May 31-June 7, 2019
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“This short video by Powercity Films perfectly captures the essence of Wilderness Yoga School.”